Tuesday, September 11, 2007

klan klan nedoklan, dran dran nedodran

but really, obsession and madness freaks me out, when you really get to feel it you just wonna run from it, you just beg to get out...to never come again.

Well, is part of us too

cauz when i draw, and i see sadness, and i find it beautiful, that is not really sadness, that is theatre, that is romantic stuff, that is transforming sadness into beauty

and that's good therapy

turning sadness into beauty
but its a strange game, cauz you kill sadness that way, but open a path to it at the same time

Well yes, using art like therapy.. is good

Very selfdestructive..
no, its not selfdestructive...its only escape i know to get some balancebut it can be bad, can turn into sadness propaganda
yes well in my opinion it is..
Sadness, happiness, obscenity,., all is prop.

well...hahaha..now i see...that is to give your soul to devil...its like drug...serving the devil...you do his propaganda for a little peace of mind.



Well if you want to associate Devil with Sadness or obscenity..

well...but i still hope evil doesn't exist...

hope its all nature like u say


Tomé Duarte said...

wise words, wise words! prendem-se muito com um pequeno debeate que tenho tido recentemente:


apenas por uma mera questão contextual gostava muito da tua opinião mais directa hardcore e expontânea que puderes sobre isto


e depois isto




mistermess said...

a beautifully grotesque depiction.