Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ilustração para "Abelinha" de Anatole France (em desenvolvimento)

Só para dizer que estou a trabalhar. Não haverá muitos posts no blog nos proximos tempos.

Para já deixo uma ilustração das muitas que estou a desenvolver para o livro "Abelinha" de Anatole France (que será publicado em Búlgaro pela editora sonm).


Anonymous said...

mina this is the most beautiful thing i have seen in weeks! but i don't speak portuguese - are you doing a series of illustrations for something?

Mina Anguelova said...

yes. i'm illustrating a book called "honey bee" by anatole france.
its gonna be published by SONM (bulgarian publishers) in the bggining of next year. its a great book and i'm enjoying a lot this work. i'll give news about it.

i'm glad you like it.


Anonymous said...

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