Sunday, July 01, 2018

something like

Cover drawing by me ;)

Make A Wish On A Fish - available now!

It is available now ;) Go get it! --->
Make A Wish On A Fish is a journey into magical moments through the whimsical illustrations of Mina Anguelova and the playful story of Jennie Wiley, published by Willow Moon Publishing.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Portrait of a persian cat

This lovely kitten was commissioned by Alexandar Anguelov. Thank you Alex!

If you want me to do a painting for you message me. I am accepting new orders.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Catowe short animation

Artwork for Catowe - a short animation I worked on in 2017.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Make A Wish On A Fish

Coming Soon!!! "Make A Wish On A Fish" by Jennie Wiley and Illustrated by Mina Anguelova.